Private Care Services

Private Care Services are customized services that are managed and directed by the client or client’s authorized individual. These services are funded privately by an individual or through Long Term Care Insurance coverage.

Private Care Individualized Service Plans (ISP) include the same Activities of Daily Living (ADL) tasks as the Medicaid funded programs and can include companionship as a task. Additionally, Private Care services can allow for the Personal Care Attendants (PCA) to use clients vehicles to transport the individuals to and from appointments and/or run errands.

Rates are based upon an individual living inside or outside of the local metropolitan service delivery area and electing to receive a 4 hour or greater “BLOCK” of service or a 2 hour or less “VISIT“. Pride PHC Services, Inc. defines the metropolitan services delivery area as being INSIDE or OUTSIDE LOOP 1604. Rates for service may vary, based on scheduled day of week/time, geographic location and/or level of care.

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Rate Sheet – Private Care

HOURLY RATES are based on a minimum of 4 hour BLOCK of service (Most economical).

Inside Loop 1604


with a minimum of 4 consecutive hours.

Outside Loop 1604


with a minimum of 4 consecutive hours.

A VISIT can be scheduled and is up to a maximum of 2 hours per visit.

Inside Loop 1604


Outside Loop 1604


(If a visit is scheduled and the attendant is requested to stay longer than the 2 hour maximum, additional fees will be charged.)

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